Geometric Surrealism

JT Thompson
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I trained as a painter at the Columbus College of Art and Design. My work can be found in the collections of the Columbus Museum of Art (Larry DiRosario Collection), the Downtown Hilton (Columbus, OH), Northern Kentucky University, Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH) and private collectors.

I am an abstract oil painter, who generally prefers to work in large scale. My work is rooted in an interest of the subconscious workings of the mind. I am deeply intrigued by the tension between the individual’s public persona and the hidden, unspoken, or even unknown elements of the psyche.

My approach to exploring psychological concepts is highly abstracted. My work starts with metaphors relating to domestic architecture – rooms, staircases, hallways. My work stretches and abstracts these spaces, almost to the point of becoming paradox illusions, to twist spaces that should be readily familiar into spaces that are secretive, fragmented, and uncertain.

I work in a style I call Geometric Surrealism. I abstract and manipulate physical spaces to create a highly skewed vision of reality. For me, it is a metaphoric exploration of the mind’s process of composing an understanding of the world, as influenced by the psyche.

The inspiration comes from looking at everyday life of light and shadow and translating that to my canvases. Some of the things you’ll see in my paintings are skewed by the use of one, two, and three point perspective. Some deal more with flat shapes and movement. Some have a surreal atmosphere and misleading horizon lines. I will use color to move the eye through the composition and distort the space. This style explores the use of multiple views of spaces and corridors, using varied light sources to create spatial depth in abstract compositions. My work is inspired by the tension between certain dualities: the conscious and subconscious, light and dark. As an abstract artist, I am philosophically interested in the subjectivity of the mind, and it’s capacity for skewing perspectives of external events of the physical world.



Ohio Arts Council Biennial Juried Exhibition, Columbus, OH, November 2017
Ohio State Fair Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Professional Division, Columbus, OH July 2017
R.A.W. Gallery, Columbus, OH, March 2017
Hugh N. Ronald Gallery, Portland, IN, September 2016
Triangle Gallery, Dayton, OH, June 2016
Marcia Evans Gallery, Columbus, OH June 2016
Hannah Bocal Busch Gallery, Bellaire, TX, April 2016
First Commonwealth Bank, Columbus, OH, Nov 2015
TY Fine Furniture, Columbus, OH, May 2015
RAW Gallery, Columbus, OH, March 2015
Carnegie Gallery, Columbus, OH, December 2014
CS Gallery, Columbus, OH, December 2014
TY Fine Furniture, Columbus, OH, August 2014
CS Gallery, Columbus, OH, July 2014
CS Gallery, Columbus, OH, November 2013
BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburg, PA, 2008
Cleveland Public Theater, Cleveland, OH, 2005
ALLGO Signs, Cleveland, OH, 2005
Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, OH, 2005
ALLGO Signs, Cleveland, OH, 2004
High Road Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2004
Carl Soloway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2004
Gallery 754, Akron, OH, 2004
ALLGO Signs, Cleveland, OH, 2002
Davenport Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2002
Lanning Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2002
Roberts Triangle Gallery, Dayton, OH, 2002
Hypotenuse Gallery, Dayton, OH, 2001
Lanning Gallery Group, Columbus, OH 2000
Lanning Gallery Group, Columbus, OH 1999
Doo Wack Gallery, Columbus, OH, 1998



Greater Columbus Arts Council, Artists in the Community award, 2016
Greater Columbus Arts Council, Artists in the Community award, 2014
Baltimore LED Art Billboard, 2016



Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel, Columbus, OH
Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH
Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY



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